Optimise your health, your performance, and your life

BioMe is a health and performance consultancy, providing immersive courses and personalised programmes to enable and empower you to look, feel and perform at your very best. Whether you’re an elite athlete, or dealing with a specific health problem, or just getting started on your health and fitness journey, our integrated Eat, Move, Sleep curriculum has been developed for you, by people just like you.


 Whole, fresh, and nutrient-dense food.

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Every component in our body is built from, and every function in our body is fuelled by, the nutrients we consume. To grow, develop, and perform at our best, we each require specific amounts of specific nutrients, delivered in the right combinations, in the right forms, in the right foods. It sounds complicated. Because it is. Fortunately, evolution has provided the simplest of answers: Eat whole, fresh, nutrient-dense foods and biology will do the rest. At BioMe, we take this blueprint and personalise it for you.


 Natural, unimpeded human movement.

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The human body has evolved to move. A lot. And in highly varied ways. As children we never stopped moving. And we learned how to move correctly. Innately. Since childhood, most of us not only stopped learning how to move, but started learning how to not move. Basic human movement can be a challenge, even for the fittest and healthiest people. At BioMe, we focus on restoring your body’s instinctive capability to move unimpeded, and make recommendations for health- and goal-specific training.


 More quantity and better quality sleep.

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There’s a reason we sleep. Lots of reasons, actually. Animals have been sleeping for at least 500 million years. And if we don’t get enough quantity or quality of sleep, every system in the body is weakened and compromised. Modern life tends to get in the way of a good night’s sleep. It’s very often the first thing to get deprioritised in our busy lives. At BioMe, we’ll help you reprioritise your shut-eye, and teach you how to get the most from this underrated but extremely powerful health and performance-enhancing tool.

Our Principles

Health first

Optimising health and performance over the long-term requires a strong, robust, and resilient body. Biological health is the backbone of the BioMe approach, and we prioritise it every step of the way.


The enormous amount of contradictory information on health and performance makes it confusing. We cut through the noise by combining the latest scientific research, with clinical observation and personal experience.


Nutrition, movement, and sleep are arguably the most important, and most easily modifiable, aspects of health and performance. We bring them together to create a unique and powerful solution.


Two million years of evolution has adapted the human body to survive and thrive in a particular environment. We use this evolutionary lens to guide everything we do. If it doesn’t fit with human evolution, it’s probably wrong.


There is no one-size-fits-all approach to health and performance. Everybody is different. Genetically, physiologically, and behaviourally. We embrace that and provide truly individualised programmes.


The real key to enhancing health and performance is to take ownership. We give you the tools and support to take back 100% control, enabling and empowering you to find the optimal long-term solution for you.

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Don’t Take Our Word For It!

“Extremely informative and enjoyable weekend. The blood tests and in depth health assessment has given me a good reason to improve my lifestyle, and knowing that these tests will be repeated in 3 months is helping to keep me motivated!"

Katie Jackson, London, UK

“Their passion comes through all the talks, workshops and activities, which although structured were comfortable and friendly. Altogether this created a really fun weekend that I came away from feeling happy, energised and inspired.”

Joanne Adams, Baildon, UK

“Health and fitness is not only for the young. I am in my late sixties and I was totally engaged in all aspects of the course. Armed with the in-depth knowledge and the personalised follow up plan, I am well equipped to Eat, Move and Sleep my way to a healthier, happier life.”

Deirdre Barwick, Ilkley, UK

“Really enjoyable course with lots to take away and put into practise. Dave and James really know their stuff and helped me understand not only how to change, but why I needed to change.”

John, 39, London

"The BioMe team exceeded all expectations, combining objective scientific research with plain English to deliver really engaging workshops. Thanks to James and Dave, I now feel better equipped to take control of my own well-being.”

Tom, 40, Yorkshire

“BioMe is everything it says it is. Learning how the body should ‘be’ and understanding how to make the change. This is nothing like anything I’ve seen before. It will change you for the better.”

Mark, 45, Tyne and Wear

“I went away fired up, even evangelical, about what I had learned and immediately put it into practise at home. The benefits were evident within days. A truly memorable experience in a unique and beautiful setting with a relaxed and friendly atmosphere.”

Michael, 68, Yorkshire

“The most interesting, informative and potentially life-changing course I've been on. I never thought that one weekend away could influence me so much in the way I think about eating, moving and sleeping.”

Tom, 36, elite-athlete, Yorkshire

"I have been involved in elite sport as an athlete, coach, lecturer, and mentor and I have rarely encountered a practitioner that I trust as much as Dave. Dave’s all-encompassing knowledge, approach and zest for life all serve to enhance his interaction with anyone. I could not recommend him more highly."

Filipe, 52, Oxfordshire

"The advice and treatment offered by Dave is nothing less than 1st class. I’ve been to see Dave several times over the years due to various injuries, and he has helped me get back to leading a healthy normal lifestyle, to manage any pain I have been experiencing and learn ways to improve my physical movement and stability."

Colin, 44, Hertfordshire

"James’s approach is non-dogmatic. He balances the latest cutting-edge research with proven principles that act as a cornerstone for sustainable improvement. I ended up dropping almost 21kg of weight, eating a diet that never left me feeling hungry or bored, and training every day in a way that was sustainable for my lifestyle."

Mark, 50, London

"I found Dave to be immensely knowledgeable and able to explain to me in simple terms what the root cause of my injuries were and how these issues were going to be resolved. He started me on a bespoke plan that got tweaked to suit my progress."

Tony, 47, Oxfordshire

"From the outset James was methodical, knowledgeable, reliable and really cared. He understands how the brain works and how to embed good habits. Within a year and a half I had lost 20kg, gone from deeply diabetic on meds everyday, to non-diabetic, not on any meds, and all my blood markers within normal limits."

Ray, 44, London

"My blood sugar readings quickly normalised, to the amazement of my GP and diabetes consultant. So, thanks to James I can now say that I have reversed my type 2 diabetes and got my blood sugar under control plus I got a whole lot lighter and fitter in the process."

Stephen, 68, Yorkshire