About Us

We created BioMe to better serve people who are ready and motivated to improve and optimise their health and performance. As a result, what you get from us is very different from the usual health, fitness, and wellness advice. We know what it takes, because we’ve been where you are now.

Meet The Founders

James is a Nutritionist and health researcher. Formerly a stressed out, sleep-deprived, and unfulfilled investment banker, James walked away from the trading floor and overhauled his diet and lifestyle to overcome Crohn’s disease and broader immune system complications. That led to full-time study and research, continual self-experimentation (which will never stop!), and a commitment to help others rediscover and take control of their health and performance through lifestyle modification. James has a degree in Nutrition from the University of Leeds, and a background in adventure sports, including cycling, skiing, mountaineering, and rock climbing. He lives in Yorkshire with his wife, Katie, and two sons.

Dave is a chartered Physiotherapist with over 13 years of musculoskeletal and rehabilitation experience. Over the past decade, Dave has used his experience and knowledge in movement, diet, and training to enhance his own health and performance, and that of his clients. By restoring the body’s capability to move freely and unimpeded, and empowering the individual, Dave believes we can all lead a healthier and higher performance life. An elite-level athlete, Dave strives to find peak performance in ultra-distance running, cycling, and triathlon events. He took first place in the 2019 EnduranceLife Northumberland Ultra-Marathon, placed second in the iron-distance Triathlon X in 2018, and held the course record for the Ras Dewi Sant coastal marathon. Dave lives in Oxfordshire with his wife, Juliet, two daughters, and six hens.