Metabolic Health 1-day Workshop

Energy overload, insulin resistance, and how to avoid our most prolific killers

Heart disease, diabetes, liver disease, cancer, and dementia are killing us. Relentlessly. And making our lives miserable long before the inevitable happens. Surely, there’s another way?

Heart disease, stroke, and cancer still dominate the top 10 causes of death in the UK. Dementia/Alzheimer’s is now the leading cause of death. And it’s on the rise. Liver disease is also killing more people.

But it’s not just dying we need to worry about. Cardiovascular diseases, type 2 diabetes, and neurodegenerative diseases are all among the conditions that most affect our quality of life.

These chronic diseases are largely a result of dysfunctional energy metabolism, a process that begins long before a disease presents itself.

Thanks to ever improving medical treatment, we can survive many of these diseases for longer. But we’d all prefer not to get them in the first place, wouldn’t we? Fortunately, you can make simple lifestyle changes today to dramatically reduce your risk of metabolic disease, to improve your quantity and quality of life, and to look, feel, and perform well. But where do you start? How do you know what really works? And how do you put it into practice?

The Metabolic Health 1-day Workshop in London (25 January 2020)

Learn how to take control of your metabolic health, by understanding what causes it to go wrong, and learning the nutrition, movement, and sleep strategies that really work. We cut through the noise and confusion of conflicting health and wellness dogmas, and empower you with the scientific knowledge and the practical tools to transform your health, and your life.

Stage 1

Why energy metabolism is so important, and how metabolic disease is caused.

Stage 2

How our lifestyle directly impacts energy metabolism and puts the wheels of metabolic disease in motion.

Stage 3

How we can change the trajectory of our metabolic health with simple eat, move, and sleep strategies.

What we’ll cover during the workshop


Stage 1

The first step to fixing or preventing a problem is to identify and understand the cause of that problem. If water is dripping through your kitchen ceiling, you first need to find out where the leak is coming from. Your health is no different. In this stage, we’ll learn how energy metabolism gets out of whack, and why it’s such a big problem.

• Why human energy metabolism evolved as it did, and what the limitations of the system are.
• How excess body fat and/or insulin resistance are the first steps in metabolic disease.
• How type 2 diabetes, liver disease, cardiovascular diseases, Alzheimer’s, and many cancers, are all branches of the same tree.


Stage 2

Now that we’ve identified where the leak is coming from, we can look at what caused the leak in the first place. In stage 2, we’ll find out how poor food choices, physical inactivity, and lack of sleep are the primary drivers of metabolic dysfunction.

• Why diet is the dominant driving force of energy balance, and how physical inactivity may play a smaller role than we think.
• How we are psychologically wired to overeat, and the truth about sugar, alcohol, and saturated fat.
• How lack of sleep impacts body composition, and many other factors in metabolic disease.


Stage 3

So, we know the source of the leak, and what caused the leak. We can next set about fixing the problem at its root. In this stage, we’ll teach you how to Eat, Move, and Sleep your way to improved metabolic health (and to looking and feeling great).

• How to cut calories and sustain fat loss without feeling hungry all the time, and the answer to the ferocious fat versus carbs debate.
• The only warm-up you will ever need, and how to maximise the effect and minimise the time cost of exercise.
• Why you’re not getting enough sleep and how to wake up feeling rejuvenated every day.

With these elements, you will have the knowledge, tools, and motivation to start, and continue, your journey to better health.

“I came away from the workshop understanding exactly what I needed to do, but more importantly why I needed to do it. The ‘why’ is what has helped me the most.”

I would recommend this workshop to anyone who cares about their health, and their future. My objectives were to lose some weight and keep my diabetes under control. But I came away with much more than that.

Learning objectives were clear from the outset and the style in which the workshop was delivered was fun, relaxed, and to a schedule. The group size was small and focussed, so we all got to know each other well, and are now part of a friendly, helpful community.

James and Dave are both experts in their field and delivered content that was clear, well-presented, simple to understand, and actionable. There were plenty of breaks, discussions, and time for questions. The regular movement sessions kept everyone alert, as well as teaching us how to move properly.

The workshop ended but we have ongoing support from the friends we made at the workshop and from James and Dave, who are always on hand for questions, concerns, and motivation.

In the 7 weeks following the workshop, having implemented the changes, I’ve lost more than a stone, most of which has been fat. My diabetes is fully controlled without medication, and I feel healthy, energetic, and positive about the future. My quality of life has improved no end. I have a way to go, but the workshop has given me the motivation and skills to make sustainable, long-term changes which I can carry through my 40s and well into old age.

The great thing is my wife came to the workshop with me, so we are both on this journey together, which makes it even more fulfilling.

Ray Mohamed

Chartered Accountant and Project Manager, London, UK

Main features of the workshop

Don’t worry, this is not a ‘traditional’ seminar with hundreds of people where we talk at you. This is a boutique, interactive workshop which includes talks, experiences, and fun assignments. It’s designed such that you’ll learn, you’ll be motivated, and you’ll have loads of fun. Here are the main features of the workshop:

• Small, focussed group of participants. We restrict the group size to just 8 people so that we can all get to know each other, and we can give each of you attention and support.

• Live movement sessions. Movement and exercise are difficult to teach in words, so we show you how to do it, by doing it with you. Until you are comfortable with every aspect of it.

• Fun assignments. Our assignments help you to embed new knowledge, and to be creative around using the new tools and skills. They’re super fun and helpful at the same time.

What the workshop is not about

• We don’t diagnose or treat disease. That’s for medical professionals, and they do it extremely well. This workshop will help you improve your health, whether you are currently under medical care or not.

• It’s not about eliminating illness altogether. That would be magic. Health is a game of probabilities. This workshop helps you stack the probabilities in your favour.

• You won’t get  an ‘effortless’ 15-minute solution. They belong in the world of make-believe. If getting and staying healthy was easy, we’d all be doing it. We’ll give you the skills, motivation, and support, but it will take effort, commitment, and time on your part.

“The workshop motivated and inspired me to make changes that would improve my health and wellbeing, and I felt like I had the knowledge and support to do so.”

I enrolled for a 2-day workshop thinking it would be something I would do for a few weeks and that would be it. However, it is something that is now my lifestyle, which is so much healthier.

My perceptions before I signed up for the workshop were that it would be difficult to manage the changes, and I thought I would have to go on a strict diet which I would struggle to maintain. I was wrong! The changes were manageable and I really enjoy what I eat.

The workshop was great, is was different to anything else I’ve experienced. Both James and Dave are experts in their field, knowledgeable and approachable. They have helped me so much. I thought that my lifestyle was healthy, however my initial blood test results and health check showed areas that needed to be improved.

After the workshop I felt motivated to make changes to improve my health and to sustain those changes.

We know that sleep is important, but after the BioMe workshop I fully appreciated the importance of sleep on my health and wellbeing. Having made simple but effective changes, I sleep longer, and with a better quality, and feel a lot better for it.

I’ve lost 5 pounds of fat in a month, and in the past I have struggled to lose any fat. I have more energy, my clothes fit better and I feel noticeably in better health. My hair and skin are healthier and I’m much more aware of my health in general.

This has made me realise that it’s possible to really improve your lifestyle, and transform your health, with simple and sustainable changes.

Piona Mohamed-Sircar

Primary School Teacher, London, UK

“Extremely informative and enjoyable weekend. The blood tests and in depth health assessment has given me a good reason to improve my lifestyle, and knowing that these tests will be repeated in 3 months is helping to keep me motivated!"

Katie Jackson, London, UK 

“Their passion comes through all the talks, workshops and activities, which although structured were comfortable and friendly. Altogether this created a really fun weekend that I came away from feeling happy, energised and inspired.”

Joanne Adams, Baildon, UK 

“Health and fitness is not only for the young. I am in my late sixties and I was totally engaged in all aspects of the course. Armed with the in-depth knowledge and the personalised follow up plan, I am well equipped to Eat, Move and Sleep my way to a healthier, happier life.”

Deirdre Barwick, Ilkley, UK 

“I saw rapid and sustained improvements in my health. But perhaps the most surprising thing was my ability to make these changes, it was nothing like as difficult as I thought.”

Although generally fit, I had a few medical issues, including atrial fibrillation and high blood pressure. I ate (what I thought was) a good diet, but perhaps drank too much alcohol. I was also a little overweight, didn’t sleep well, lacked motivation, and was regularly ill with colds and infections. When we were introduced to BioMe and their concept of Eat, Move and Sleep, and what it could do in relation to metabolic health, it immediately struck a chord. My wife and I enrolled.

The setting was ideal and set the scene for a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, where the group, of varying ages and backgrounds but like-minded, quickly gelled.

My blood test results highlighted specific issues and a plan was formulated to address them. Very professional and enlightening. Next came the science and proof. The seminars were mind blowing and packed with incontrovertible facts, delivered in a highly professional manner. You were left in absolutely no doubt that, with a little effort, your metabolic health issues could be addressed with lifestyle changes.

I always thought that my fitness regime was pretty good – lots of high intensity cardiovascular work. In the move section of the course we learned the importance of body awareness/activation and strength training. We went back to basics to ensure we were doing it correctly – it is amazing the bad habits you can unwittingly get into over the years.

The whole course was a revelation and exactly what we needed, we left being highly motivated and confident to put our personal Eat, Move, Sleep plan into action.

In the weeks and months that followed, I saw rapid and sustained improvements in my health. I’m sleeping much better, I’m less tired and more motivated, my blood sugar levels and blood pressure are back down to healthy levels, I’ve lost a significant amount of fat, and I generally feel much fitter and healthier.

What has also become apparent are improvements to the less obvious elements of my wellbeing. I often, almost daily, had nose bleeds, regular bouts of athlete’s foot, poor skin condition, and baggy eyes. All have dramatically improved, if not disappeared.

Michael Barwick

Company Chairman, Ilkley, UK

Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the workshop going to be held?

Toynbee Hall, 28 Commercial Street, London, E1 6LS.

Click here for details

What date is the workshop?

Saturday 25 January 2020.

What time does the workshop start and finish?

We start at 9am and finish around 6pm.

How many participants will attend?

The workshop is limited to 8 people.

Who is conducting the workshop?

James Gorman and Dave Jackson, click here for more information

How do I sign up?

Choose a package below, and click on the corresponding link to complete the booking form.

Are there any conditions to attending?

To attend the workshop you have to complete our Metabolic Health questionnaire. This gives us (and you) valuable information about your goals, health status, and lifestyle habits. For the Premium and Ultimate packages, you also have to get a blood test done, which helps us dig deeper into your health and further personalise the service. They take a bit of effort and time on your part, but hey, so does anything worthwhile! It also shows that you are committed to getting the most out of the workshop. The questionnaire has to be completed at least 2 weeks before the workshop. The blood test, if applicable, has to be completed at least 3 weeks before the workshop.

Will any food and refreshments be served at the workshop?

Water, tea, and coffee are provided. There will be plenty of breaks to get snacks and lunch from the wonderful range of local shops. These explorations into the outside world will give us chance to move regularly, and do some fun assignments.

How do I get in touch with questions?

We’d love to hear from you. Please email or call us anytime. Click here for contact details.

Extras included with the Premium package


In addition to the Core package, you get:

Access to BioMe private online forum

Are you unsure about your ability to follow through on what you learn in the workshop? We’re not. You will be armed and motivated to make the necessary changes. But questions, challenges, and concerns may come up. They often do. This is where our private online forum comes in. You can ask James and Dave, and other BioMe alumni, anything…anytime.

Private blood test

The questionnaire, which includes data on metabolic health, allows some degree of personalisation in the Core package. But to dig deeper into your health, and further personalise your experience, we need to look at several ‘biomarkers’ of metabolic health, which include blood sugar, blood lipids, and uric acid. It also helps with motivation and tracking progress. We have designed a blood test with our partner Medichecks to provide this insight. The blood test has to be completed at least 3 weeks before the workshop.

Personalised Eat, Move, Sleep plan

With the questionnaire and the blood test results, we will provide you with a more personalised Eat, Move, Sleep plan, highlighting your key areas of focus and prioritising specific strategies. Lifestyle change is a journey, an iterative process. And it takes time. Our personalised plan will get you to the right starting point sooner, and make the journey more targeted and efficient.


Extras included with the Ultimate package


In addition to the Premium package, you get:

Advanced body composition analysis

We get basic body composition data from some simple self-measurements that you will do for the questionnaire. To give us the complete picture on your body composition and metabolic health, we measure your body fat %, muscle mass %, and visceral fat using bioelectrical impedance analysis. This will involve you arriving at the workshop 30 minutes early to have the analysis and discuss your results.

3x individual monthly video calls

As we mentioned earlier, improving health and performance is a journey. It requires motivation, accountability, and experimentation. Our online forum is super useful in this regard. But you may require more individual, intensive support. The video calls give you a private audience with the BioMe team for 30 minutes every month for 3 months. We will answer any questions and concerns, keep you motivated and on track, and be a friendly and encouraging face.

Follow-up blood test at 3 months

We encourage several ways to monitor your progress. Subjective measures, such as how you look, feel, and perform are great because we experience them every day, and they ultimately determine our quality of life. But hard, objective measures can also be useful, particularly if there are specific areas of concern. A follow-up blood test can help you see how your efforts have improved some of the major metabolic biomarkers. Knowing that you have an upcoming blood test is also a powerful motivator.

“You’re not paying just for a 2-day course. You get tools and skills you can use for the rest of your life. It’s an invaluable investment in your health.”

I went on a 2-day workshop with BioMe in May 2019 and to put it simply it has been a life-changing experience for me.

For years I have been trying to cut down on my alcohol consumption, which I’ve failed at many times over. I also thought I had a healthy diet and lifestyle, but the body composition analysis and blood tests showed quite plainly my diet was far from good and my health a lot poorer than I thought. If you need anything to give you a catalyst to improve your health, your personal BioMe data is incredibly powerful. You can’t argue with the facts. This insight really impacted me and motivated me to change.

But there was no negativity – James and Dave are very positive, and explained that with the right tools and effort I could get my health and body composition where I wanted it to be, and that is what the core of the “Eat, Move, Sleep” programme is all about.

Over the 2 days, James and Dave create a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and take you through a series of talks, which are visual, short, packed full of fantastic insightful information, and delivered expertly. They also intersperse the talks with innovative movement sessions, indoor and outdoor, and other experiences and assignments.

Going on the BioMe workshop has given me everything I need to turn things around. Not just knowledge, but a whole skillset, and the motivation to put it into action. There is also the ongoing support from James and Dave, and the other BioMe clients.

I’ve integrated what I learned into my day-to-day life. It’s only been 7 weeks and everyone is telling me I’m looking much better (I’ve lost fat and gained muscle) and more importantly I’m feeling great. I’m sleeping loads better and I just want to keep building on this positive change in my life.

Rich Turnbull

Business Owner, Saltaire, UK

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